Pixie Pop by Tōyama Ema | Manga Review

Title: Pixie Pop (ゴックン!ぷーちょ or Gookun! Pūcho) Author: Tōyama Ema (遠山えま) Debut: 2004 Status: Completed (3 Volumes) Published by: Kodansha Edition Language: English Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Story, Shoujo, Supernatural The story follows the adventures of 12-year-old Kōsaka Mayu who is just starting middle school. Her family owns a successful café business, and as such, she is… Continue reading Pixie Pop by Tōyama Ema | Manga Review

Love So Life by Kouchi Kaede | Manga Review

Title: Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ or Rabu sō raifu) Author: Kouchi Kaede (こうち楓) Debut: April 2008 Status: Completed (17 Volumes) Published by: Hana to Yume Comics Magazine by Hakusensha Edition Language: English Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo Nakamura Shiharu is a young high school student who loves kids. She lives in an orphanage and works at… Continue reading Love So Life by Kouchi Kaede | Manga Review