Review Policy

Basically, I write reviews about films, books, TV series, anime, and manga. In case you want me to review anything, just let me know through contact. For anime, manga, and TV series reviews, I write the one that has already finished or in other words, completed. So if I’m watching a TV series that still continue to the next series or season, I won’t write the reviews unless there’s a request.

All reviews in this blog are based on my personal and honest opinion. Sometimes I even slipped some of my personal experiences as well. I am a writer and an amateur reviewer. I don’t mean harm or offend anyone in any way. If I have ever offended you, I would appreciate it if you contact me directly via e-mail instead of writing in the comment box. I will try to fix my mistakes as soon as possible.

To be noted, I rate my books on a scale from one to five, being five the highest rating. While I rate my movies on a scale from one to ten, and ten being the highest rating. To understand the meaning of each star, you can see my rating system here. I will always make sure to tell the reason why I like the movie or the book, or why I do not like them. Even with the simplest reasons. Do not worry about any spoiler, because I tried my best not to put any spoiler or hint that might spoil you.

My reviews will also include some basic information, such as title, author or director, genre, MPAA rating, publisher, duration, and etc. As well as a synopsis and my personal opinion about the book or movie. I even put a trailer for movies, TV series, and anime, so you can have some ideas of what they are all about.

Thank you for my blog! 😊

😘   Toodle-oo,