Matahari by Tere Liye | Book Review


Title: Matahari (Bumi #3)
Author: Tere Liye
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: 25 July 2016
Edition Language: Indonesian
Pages: 390 pages
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult


Namanya Ali, 15 tahun, kelas X. Jika saja orangtuanya mengizinkan, seharusnya dia sudah duduk di tingkat akhir ilmu fisika program doktor di universitas ternama. Ali tidak menyukai sekolahnya, guru-gurunya, teman-teman sekelasnya. Semua membosankan baginya. Tapi sejak dia mengetahui ada yang aneh pada diriku dan Seli, teman sekelasnya, hidupnya yang membosankan berubah seru. Aku bisa menghilang, dan Seli bisa mengeluarkan petir. Ali sendiri punya rahasia kecil. Dia bisa berubah menjadi beruang raksasa. Kami bertiga kemudian bertualang ke tempat-tempat menakjubkan. Namanya Ali. Dia tahu sejak dulu dunia ini tidak sesederhana yang dilihat orang. Dan di atas segalanya, dia akhirnya tahu persahabatan adalah hal yang paling utama.


Matahari means the sun in English.  Like always, I know this is an Indonesia novel but I will write the review in English. So, this novel is about three teenagers that went for an adventure to the multidimensional world. Basically, there are four clans on earth that live in a different dimension. The place where we live right now is the Earth clan and then there’s a Moon clan, Sun clan, and Star clan. It’s just the name of the clans so they’re not actually live on the moon or sun or star. They all live on earth but in different dimensions and smarter than the people from Earth clan, which basically is us. Matahari is the third book of the series.

Before I tell you about the book, I want to say about the cover. I am pretty pissed by it. The publisher decided to change the cover in the middle of the series and what’s more annoying is that they also change the previous two books. This is not the first time I experienced it. Previously, I also have some novel series that suddenly the publisher decided to change all the cover series. It makes my collection not pretty and uniform anymore. So annoying and very disappointing! At least wait until the series finished first, duh? What’s more annoying is the fact that the later cover is always better than the first cover. Geez.

“Kadang kala aku gagal. Itu benar. Entah berapa kali aku meledakkan sesuatu di basement. Tapi itu tidak membuatku kapok. Kadang kala aku menemui jalan buntu, harus melupakan eksperimen penting, menyingkirkan benda-benda tidak berguna, setengah jadi, tapi aku tidak akan berhenti. Karena aku menyukainya, passion, hobi, mimpi-mimpi, semangat, entah apa lagi kata yang tepat menggambarkannya.” Ali

Anyway, the idea of the story is actually good and interesting. However, I think the execution is not that good. The descriptions are very detailed but sometimes it can become too detail and seems weird, in my personal opinion. Because it is too detailed, the starting story is a little bit slow to me and therefore when it comes to the climax, everything happens pretty quick. Although, I have to say that because of the detail descriptions, we, as readers, can imagine the setting better. It’s always a good thing when a writer describes everything very detail, but I believe too specific details are not good and can make the story a bit unnatural. For example when the main character gives the specific range of distance or size. Like, how the hell she knows it was 6 metres ahead or it was just 80 cm long. Something like that. If she said approximately, I don’t mind but she has specifically said it was exactly 6 metres or exactly 80 cm long.

Some terms pretty much don’t make sense to me. And I was supposed to be very open-minded in terms of story. Perhaps the right word does not make sense or not but rather weird. Yeah, I think that’s the correct choice of word. I’ve read several Tere Liye’s books by now and I think that’s just the way he writes. What I like about the book is you know that Tere Liye has done a lot of research for the book. I mean, there are some logical explanations that can only be explained if you research it.

Overall, the book is good, I don’t dislike it but I don’t think I like it very much. However, I do like the idea of the story and I will keep on reading the sequel. Yes, there is still a sequel to this book and I hope it’s coming sooner than later.

Thus, I decided to give Matahari 2.5 out of 5 stars.

😘   Toodle-oo,


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