If you can have a supernatural power, what would you have? | Journal Prompts

This question is kind of tough. Simple, but hard to answer. I mean, there are a lot of supernatural power and they are all very interesting. Of course, all of those power are just in fiction stories. But one can dream, right? I don’t really know what power I want to choose. Flying or reading minds or seeing the future are quite common, but it is still extraordinary to have those kinds of power, right? I’ve watched many supernatural films and TV series and anime and even read many books and manga, and they all have some interesting power in their stories. Like in X-Men films for example. They got their supernatural power from mutant genes. I can’t choose which power is better than the others, to me, they are all very interesting.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, a mutant who possess animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and powerful regenerative ability known as healing factor

Perhaps of all X-Men, the most interesting one is Wolverine. It’s a coincidence that the one who played the role is Hugh Jackman, who is in fact, one of my favourite actors too. However, I really do think Wolverine’s power is awesome. His healing power is the most interesting of all. The adamantium in him is also interesting and what makes him unique but you just can’t deny that his healing power is awesome. Another person who also has an interesting ability is Jean Grey. She’s an Omega-level mutant, the most powerful genetic potential of their mutant abilities. Jean Grey has many abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, eidetic memory, mind reading and mind control, memory alteration and erasure, even time manipulation and matter and energy manipulation. That’s not all. She has many other abilities as well that I don’t think I am going to write it in this post. However, it is very interesting to be Jean Grey, isn’t it?

One of my favourite characters in anime and manga is Kikyou. If you have watched or read Inuyasha, you’ll know of her. Kikyo has a supernatural power since she is a miko—priestesses in English. She has many abilities such as master healer, immense spiritual power (such as immense purification and spiritual immobilisation), enhanced eyesight, immense endurance, and invisibility. What I love most about Kikyo is the fact that she is a master archer. Her weapons are bows (the usual long bow and reflection bow) and arrows (the usual arrow, sacred arrows, and arrow of sealing). Yep, I kind of into archery, you know, I’ve tried it twice and I really love it! Kikyou has the power to imbue each arrow with a great amount of spiritual power and has destroyed, disabled, purified, or sealed many demons. I guess if I have to choose my supernatural power, I will choose Kikyou’s power. But since I don’t live in a world full of demons, those skills are wasted. But I would like to have her ability of archery anyway. It is great to have a skill in archery and archery is not uncommon in a real world, anyway. So I guess it’s the most possible power.

Another supernatural power that has caught my eyes and mind is shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the TV series, they can control the elements, which is air, water, earth, and fire. They called themselves who have that power as a bender. So if you can control fire, you are a fire bender. It would be interesting and very magical if someone could actually have an affinity for those elements. Their ability to either control air, water, earth, or fire is very interesting. Manipulating one of the four elements essentials of life is a definition of awesome. Especially The Avatar who can actually control all of the elements. I would definitely like to have those abilities.

Magic is another supernatural power—I think. It is the most interesting of all, perhaps. I’ve written it before of how much I believe in magic. It is so obvious and no secret at all that I am a fan of Wizarding and Fantasy World, so having a magic power is something that I really want. I guess everybody wants to have magic. There are many definitions of magic. Like in Harry Potter or in Cardcaptor Sakura or in 07-Ghost or in Witches of East End or many other films, TV series, books, and anime. I like all those magic and sure if I was given any of those magic, I would love to! I will definitely not going to reject it. But if I can choose between those magic, I will choose the magic in Harry Potter World. With that kind of magic, everything seems to be more practical and easier. You’re basically can do everything anyway. Well, perhaps not everything but still nearly everything is already excellent.

I love Hermione Granger. She is indeed one of my favourite characters from films and books. And I would love to have her ability to do magic. She is also very smart. What a perfect combination, isn’t it? Although perhaps doing magic in Merlin’s World is more efficient since you don’t have to use a wand to do magic. But sometimes using a wand makes you looks even cooler. If you have watched Merlin (2008-2012), you’ll see how great it is to do magic and while you’re doing that, you eyes colour will change. It’s so cool. And then, there is also the magic in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals World. So yep, I don’t really know which one to choose.

There are so many other supernatural power. I can’t name them one by one because they are just too many and I can’t remember them all for now. But to answer the question, I would like to have magic power, above all other supernatural power. However other supernatural powers are also interesting, therefore it’s hard to choose. But still, I will choose magic, anyway. I also want to fly. I always want to do it. And if I can choose a normal power, I’ll choose archery, of course, or perhaps gymnastic.

I guess that’s all for today. Tell me what supernatural power would you like to have. I surely want to know! Have a gorgeous day, folks!

😘   Toodle-oo,


5 thoughts on “If you can have a supernatural power, what would you have? | Journal Prompts”

  1. Great post! It was a great read, and while reading I started thinking about what power I would like to have. Honestly: teleportation, like the NightCrawler. It would be awesome to just instantly teleport to places you would normally take days for to reach. It would make travelling across the world so much easier, and it would also take care of my problem:fear of flying. So yeah if I could choose a power that would be it, especially since I could visit places much more easier (and which I probably otherwise would never visit 😀)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Wow, that’s a good choice of power. Great choice indeed. How could I even miss it? I guess as a wanderluster myself, I do want to teleport anywhere and everywhere too! 😂😂
      I would like to be able to fly myself with my own wings, of course, but teleportation really made things quicker. We would be able to reach many places in no time, right? Good choice of power! 😁😁 I wonder why I didn’t think about that before *lol* 😂😂


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