How do you feel about the dark? | Journal Prompts

I am a little bit afraid of pitch black. Not because I might see a ghost, but the fact that I can’t see anything in pitch black has made me feel anxious and uncomfortable. Sure, I am afraid I might see a ghost or any other non-living creatures, but that worries me later. I am more afraid of pitch black because I can’t see a thing and I don’t like the feeling of not knowing and not seeing anything.

However, I can’t sleep if it’s not dark, especially at night. The darker the better. I can’t sleep if there’s a light, even just a bit. That’s why I don’t like using sleeping lamps. It’s funny when I think about it now because when I was a little girl, I always use a sleeping lamp.

Well, other than the fact about pitch black that scares, I actually like the dark. There’s beauty in the dark. There are so many things that can only be seen in the dark. My favourite colour is actually black and it’s very identical with dark. Black is, in fact, the colour the dark. Like Coco Chanel said, “The beauty of black is absolute.”

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a night person—hold that thought, I mean not in a negative way. Somehow, I am more active at night than during the day. My brain seems to work properly at night. When I was studying back when I was still in school or university, I intend to choose to study at night. My brain works better at that time of day. My friends all know it. When I write my story, the ideas somehow flows during the night as well. That’s why I can sleep pretty late—I guess very very late is more likely—just because my ideas keep flowing and I have to keep on writing. As I wrote this, it’s already past 12 a.m. Yep. It’s in the middle of the night. Night and dark are pretty close, so yeah, I think I like dark.

Other reasons why I like dark are fireworks and fireflies. To tell you the truth, I have never seen real-life fireflies right before my eyes before. But from what I’ve seen on television and so on, I am very much like it. As for fireworks, I just love it very much. I think they are beautiful and fascinating, despite the loud voice. Both fireworks and fireflies are beautiful and can only be seen when it’s dark or to be exact, during the night. Even the light from little candles seems beautiful as well if you look at them in the dark. It’s an odd thing, but I like watching candles during the dark.

“In the light, we read the inventions of others; in the darkness, we invent our own stories.”Alberto Manguel

So, how do I feel about the dark? Other than pitch black, I actually like the dark. I know dark is identical with evil or so on, but if you think the good side, dark can actually be really beautiful. Because there are so many beautiful things that can only be seen in the dark. Don’t you think?

😘   Toodle-oo,


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