Let’s Fight Ghost (2016) | TV Series Review

Title: Let’s Fight Ghost (싸우자 귀신아 or Ssauja Gwisin-a) (2016)
Also Known As: Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight
Developed by: Studio Dragon
Written by: Lee Dae-Il
Based on: Let’s Fight, Ghost by Im Man-Sup a.k.a. Im In-Su
Starring: Ok Taec-Yeon, Kim So-Hyun, Kwon-Yul, Kim Sang-Ho, Kang Ki-Young, Lee David, Baek Seo-Yo, Yoon Seo-Hyun, Jung Ji-Soon, Kim Min-Sang, Son Eun-Seo, Oh Kyung-Ja, Kang Eui-Sook, Seo Kwang-Jae, and Ku Bon-Lim
Country of Origin: South Korea
Original Language(s): Korean
No. of Series: 1
No. of Episodes: 16
Genres: Action, Horror, Mystery, Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 60 minutes
Original Network: tvN


Park Bong-Pal (Ok Taec-Yeon) has grown up with the ability to see ghosts and uses this ability to work as an exorcist, banishing ghosts, but only weak ones, in order to make enough money to take away his ability to see ghosts. Called to a haunted school he encounters Kim Hyun-Ji (Kim So-Hyun) a feisty middle high-school student who, because of a traffic accident, became a wandering spirit the day before her college entrance exams. The two accidentally kiss and Hyun-Ji discovers that Bong-Pal holds the secret as to why she is a spirit. In order to be freed from endlessly wandering the earth as a ghost and to ascend to the next life, Hyun-Ji convinces Bong-Pal to allow her to live with him and the two become ghost fighting partners.

With Hyun-Ji as his partner, Bong-Pal finds that he can fight ever stronger ghosts, but also learns that not all ghosts are malevolent, that with the understanding of a ghost’s story he can sometimes more simply help them pass into the next world. Working and living together Bong-Pal, a long time loner because of his spirit sight, finds himself falling in love with Hyun-Ji, and she also likes him. However, both are unaware that even as they hunt ghosts, they, in turn, are stalked by an evil spirit that was the cause of Hyun-Ji’s accident, and also the reason why of Bong-Pal can see ghosts.


Let’s Fight Ghost is another ghost story that I’ve watched after Master’s Sun (2013). I am not a fan of horror films, but this one isn’t that horror or scary, even though I have to admit that the ghosts are pretty scary and the first time I watched it I kind of in shock. At first, I am not really interested watching this Korean drama, but since I kind of bored and ran out of TV series, I decided to watch Let’s Fight Ghost.

Truthfully, the story is actually kind of good. It’s different from Master’s Sun because, in Let’s Fight Ghost, the main character can not only just see, but also hit and interact with the ghosts. Bong-Pal, the main character who can see ghosts, is paid by people to exorcise ghosts. One day, he met Hyun-Ji who doesn’t remember her life before she became a ghost and they finally fall in love with each other. At first, I thought that idea was absurd, then, I kind of guess the plot and I proudly say that my guess is right. Even though the story is pretty classic and easy to guess, I still think the story is good. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s thrilling, sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes it’s touching. A very good mixture can indeed make a good story.

I usually watch Kim So-Hyun, who played the character of Hyun-Ji, as someone else’s younger self. So to see her as the main character is something new and interesting. She is indeed very beautiful and sweet. Kim So-Hyun is really perfect to play the beautiful, cute, and adorable ghost. I never doubt her acting skill and she is indeed doing her job really good in Let’s Fight Ghost. She’s very good in fighting scenes, where she fights another ghost. Of course, she must have a stunt double, but doing some of the fighting acts aren’t easy, I’m sure. Ok Taec-Yeon, who played the character of Bong-Pal, surely did great jobs too when doing the fighting scenes. I also like Kim Sang-Ho who played the character of Monk Myung-Chol, Bong-Pal’s spiritual protector. He is funny and although he seemed to can’t do anything, he’s actually great and very wise and kind-hearted. I think Monk Myung-Chol adds the comedy and funny element in Let’s Fight Ghost. So it’s not all scary and serious, there are actually some funny and romantic things going on here. Through the series, there are so many questions in my mind and it was only answered like after over half the series. I think it’s a slow progress though it’s pretty fitting at the same time. Like Master’s Sun, aside from the main plot, there are many side stories of fighting ghosts that are actually pretty interesting and funny.

Park Bong-Pal: Do you want to die?
Kim Hyun-Ji: I’m already dead.

As for the ending, I like it, though I expect more. But overall, it’s a good ending and satisfying. Therefore I am not going to protest anything anymore. It’s not like I can make every story ends the way I wanted to, right? So yep, I think Let’s Fight Ghost is a good TV series with good plot and stories. But the question is isn’t Kim So-Hyun a little bit too young for this role? I think that’s a question that has been asked by so many people. I did think so too but well, despite all that, she’s a great actress and has played her role really well.

All in all, Let’s Fight Ghost is a good Korean drama and worth to watch. Though I should warn you, some ghosts are pretty shocking and the ghosts look kind of scary. But once you’re used to it, it’s not so shocking and not so scary. It’s definitely not the kind of scary like The Conjuring (2013) or any other horror films. So, don’t be too afraid. Trust me! Cause I also personally don’t like too scary and too shocking films and Let’s Fight Ghost is definitely not a TV series that too scary and too shocking.

I give Let’s Fight Ghost 8 out of 10 stars.

😘   Toodle-oo,


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