Da Vinci’s Demons (2013-2015) | TV Series Review

Title: Da Vinci’s Demons (2013-2015)
Created by: David S. Goyer
Starring: Tom Riley, Laura Haddock, Blake Ritson, Elliot Cowan, Lara Pulver, James Faulkner, Gregg Chillin. Hera Hilmar, Eros Vlahos, David Schofield, Alexander Siddig, and Tom Bateman
Country of Origin: United Kingdom and United States
Original Language(s): English
No. of Series: 3
No. of Episodes: 28
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Historical Fantasy
Running Time: 47-55 minutes
Original Network: Fox (United Kingdom) and Starz (United States)


Eventually, he becomes the most famous artist of all time—a mythic figure in history—but the path that forged Leonardo da Vinci’s gift of superhuman genius is fraught with conflict as he searches for the truth and seeks to expose those who suppress it. He yearns for knowledge and his true calling, but the 25-year-old da Vinci is haunted by the absence of his mother and the disdain of his father; and as the ultimate free thinker in Renaissance Florence, he struggles to live within the confines of his own reality and time. A visionary—both ostracised and celebrated for his ideas—da Vinci begins not only to see the future but to invent it.


I’ve watched Da Vinci’s Demons in 2013 and stopped when I realised it hasn’t finished yet. It’s not that the story is not good, it is good actually. Leonardo da Vinci is looking incredibly awesome and smart. It’s like watching Sherlock Holmes in a different era, different place, and different job. The series is an R-rated, like Game of Thrones. There are some nude scenes and brutal scenes as well. Perhaps that is the reason why I stopped watching it before. After so many thoughts—not so many actually—I decided to give it a go again. I end up liking it. Tom Riley as Da Vinci really fit the role. He has his own charm. I don’t know much about Da Vinci, but if the series indeed told us most of the truth, then Da Vinci is really one of the most genius people that have ever lived. Perhaps the most genius people, if the story in Da Vinci’s Demons is true.

I actually like Laura Haddock as Lucrezia Donati. She really fit the role. She is beautiful and charming. Lucrezia Donati was Da Vinci’s love interest and the mistress of Lorenzo Medici. I was looking forward to the love story between Da Vinci and Lucrezia, though unfortunately, it rarely happened. Well, I guess some love story are not going to happen every day, right? The overall actors and actresses have also done a great job. I can’t name them one by one, but for sure the main actor, Tom Riley has really embodied Leonardo Da Vinci really well. Blake Ritson also worth the praise. He is really good. His acting also looks very natural. Anyway, I think the series itself must have a continuation. I really am curious about the book of leaves and I really want to know more about it.  And then there was Girolamo Riario. I think his story was not finished yet. I don’t know why they didn’t continue it. One more season would be good enough. I don’t want a very long series because I will get bored easily. Perhaps that’s why sometimes I prefer Asian dramas. Although I really wish they finished what they have started.

“If I dropped everything every time one of you decided to pursue some ill-conceived and asinine flight of fancy, I would never get anything done!” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Please don’t think the story of Da Vinci’s Demons is something that makes sense because believe me, they are not. Many things in the series are imaginary. I mean, how can someone look into a paper and saw moving pictures? How can Da Vinci draw birds flying so quickly? Many things don’t make sense but that doesn’t mean they didn’t fit the story. I think they all are fit. You just have to use your imagination. Because sometimes—or many times—if you watched a film or TV series or read a book without imaginations, you will not be enjoying them. Trust me, I know because one of my friends always put her logic first rather than imaginations. Therefore, I don’t think she has ever enjoyed many films. Mostly she thought they didn’t make sense. So, don’t use your logic in a story like this. Use your imaginations. The rumour of Da Vinci liked to “open” people’s body were made real in the series. He may be looking like a freak, but definitely not crazy. He is a genius. I really want to meet him in real life.

Some things that you may know about Da Vinci were mentioned in the series, so I kind of wondering whether if there’s a Da Vinci liked Tom Riley’s Da Vinci. How far did the real Da Vinci has gone? Did he really as genius as in the series? Well, I know he’s a genius, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be famous. I was just wondering if he could do things like in the series. Da Vinci’s Demons really has an interesting story and full of imaginations. I really want to meet the Da Vinci in Da Vinci’s Demons in real life. I really think he’s like Sherlock Holmes, at least in the series, though. I actually like the overall story. The imaginations are fantastic. I also like seeing the genius Da Vinci. However, I hope there are more explanations about a few things in the story. The actors and actresses in Da Vinci’s Demons were great, though.

I give Da Vinci’s Demons 7 out of 10 stars.

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