I don’t think I can choose it. I like going into a book knowing nothing about it, but I also like to have some sort of ideas. So my answer will be both. It is fun to read a book without knowing anything about it. It’s like going on an adventure without knowing what will you find at your destination. It is definitely fun though somehow so much curiosity.

I would like to know something about the book too. I am a curious person. Curiosity is in my blood. Though most of the times I buy a book only because I am attracted to its title or its cover. Yeah, title and cover are two things that really important. They are the first impressions which decide future readers to buy and read the book or not.

Knowing any ideas about the book will not make things less fun. You at least have a glimpse of what’s you got into. It is a fun experience too. Therefore, knowing and not knowing about the book doesn’t make any difference. The difference is of course, how you enjoy the book and how well the story is written. So if you asked me which one do I prefer, I would choose both again and again. I’ve done it both and both have their own perks. It’s fun to not know anything about the book, meanwhile, it’s also still fun if you know a little bit story of the book.

Anyway, how about you? Which one do you prefer? Going into a book knowing nothing about it or having some sort of idea before going in?

😘   Toodle-oo,