Love So Life by Kouchi Kaede | Manga Review

Title: Love So Life (ラブ・ソー・ライフ or Rabu sō raifu)
Author: Kouchi Kaede (こうち楓)
Debut: April 2008
Status: Completed (17 Volumes)
Published by: Hana to Yume Comics Magazine by Hakusensha
Edition Language: English
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo


Nakamura Shiharu is a young high school student who loves kids. She lives in an orphanage and works at a daycare to earn money for future expenses. One day, the handsome uncle of two-year-old twins, Matsunaga Seiji, offers her a raise if she’ll be their babysitter, and Shiharu accepts his offer. As she works caring for the twins, Shiharu often relies on memories of her mother’s actions for guidance. Soon she finds herself falling in love with her new makeshift family.


I really like Love So Life. This is one of the manga that I really really like—or perhaps even love. The twins, Matsunaga Akane and Aoi, are just so cute! Like really really cute. They are just too adorable. Believe me, I am bloody serious. Akane is a girl, while Aoi is a boy. Yes, they are fraternal twins, which make them so much cuter. They are so cute even though they are just manga characters. At first, I can’t separate them since they literally look alike. Well, it’s a manga, so what can you expect, right? Nevertheless, they are really really adorable and really cute. You can see the progress of their growth. It’s amazing and thoughtful because apparently there are so many mangas that have been through many chapters but somehow the characters do not grow up at all. I am not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s kind of not realistic. Well, it’s a manga, so not everything to be realistic. Therefore, I really like how the author made the characters grow up.

“I love Ryou Tarou-kun and the other kids, I really love everyone. But, it’s a secret that Akane-chan and Aoi-kun, I love you two much, much more!” – Nakamura Shiharu

Love So Life has a funny story and sometimes touching as well. I like the relationship between Nakamura Shiharu—Shiharu is the first name, by the way—and the twins. The twins love Shiharu so much and they are so cute together. It’s wonderful to see even though they are so young, they are so smart and understanding. I like how Aoi always takes care of her sister. They are so cute, really really cute—I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, please spare me. Anyway, I also like the relationship between Shiharu and Seiji. A little bit romance is always good, and I think Love So Life put a good portion of a love story here. The drawings are good so I really enjoy reading it. It really supports the story and that is why I can enjoy the manga even more. I think the manga is enjoyable to read to anyone. I hope there will one or two extra chapters, but if there won’t be any, I still like the ending. And I love how grown up Aoi and Akane have become and how they treated each other so well. I always want a brother or a twin brother, so seeing how cute Aoi to Akane, makes me want a brother or a twin brother even more! But of course, it’s impossible. 😂 😂

In conclusion, I really like this manga, even love it! I give Love So Life 4 out of 5 stars. This manga is worth to read and very enjoyable!

😘   Toodle-oo,

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