Apa Pun Selain Hujan by Orizuka | Book Review

Title: Apa Pun Selain Hujan
Author: Orizuka
Publisher: GagasMedia
Publication Date: 25 April 2016
Edition Language: Indonesian
Pages: 288 pages
Genres: Fiction, Romance


Wira membenci hujan. Hujan mengingatkannya akan sebuah memori buruk, menyakitinya…. Agar bisa terus melangkah, Wira meninggalkan semuanya. Ia meninggalkan kota tempat tinggalnya. Meninggalkan mimpi terbesarnya. Bahkan, meninggalkan perempuan yang disayanginya. Namun, seberapa pun jauh langkah Wira meninggalkan mimpi, mimpi itu justru semakin mendekat. Saat ia sedang berusaha keras melupakan masa lalu, saat itulah ia bertemu Kayla. Pertemuan itu mengubah segalanya

Sebuah novel tentang melepaskan mimpi di bawah hujan. Tentang cinta yang diam-diam tumbuh bersama luka. Juga tentang memaafkan diri sendiri.


The first time I decided to buy this book is because of the title. It says “Apa Pun Selain Hujan” or in English, it means “Anything But Rain”. And since I love rain so much, I decided to buy it. Yes, I’m that type of person who buys books just because I found my favourite things on the title. I’m just kidding. I did read the synopsis and found it pretty exciting, that’s why I bought it. Though I must admit, the word “rain” did catch my attention. So bottom line, my favourite things on the title caught my eyes and I read the synopsis. That’s when I decided to buy the novel. Anyway, Apa Pun Selain Hujan is about Wira who hates rain and tried to forget his past. Yet somehow he met a girl that changes everything. It’s as simple as that, but actually, it’s more exciting and intriguing. The conflict is more complicated than I thought.

“Aku mohon, Kay. Apa pun selain hujan.” – Wira

Orizuka, the author, did succeedingly play the readers’ emotion through this novel. At least I can feel the emotion and pressure that was felt by Wira when I read the book. I quite feel very sympathetic towards him. The flow of the story is a mix between forward and backwards. Sometimes we were told about Wira’s past piece by piece, that made me even more curious about what happened in the past. The plot is right in place, therefore with a mixed flow like that, I didn’t find it confusing at all. In fact, I found it pretty interesting. I don’t think I will love the story but I really do. Well, not love, but I do really really like the story. I think a book is really good if it can make me feel curious and want to know more about it, wondering what will happen next, and such as. Apa Pun Selain Hujan really delivers it well.

“Tapi kamu juga punya kuasa untuk mempercayai dirimu sendiri, juga orang-orang yang benar-benar sayang dan peduli padamu. Kalau kamu selalu percaya omongan orang lain, kamu tidak akan bisa bahagia.” – Uti

The author managed to deliver good setting descriptions, therefore, I can imagine better. The details of Malang and Batu city is described completely. I have gone there several times, therefore I know the places well, though not too well. But I understand what she wrote and I am pretty sure the others who haven’t gone to Malang and Batu can imagine both cities really well as well. Her writings are easy to take and digest. The descriptions were very detailed but not boring or not important like some novels that I’ve read.

“Semua orang pernah berbuat kesalahan. Kalian juga harus belajar memaafkan diri kalian sendiri.” – Ibu Faiz

I think what I like about this novel is the fact that we can learn many things from it. The author taught us how we must actually treat people. Our mistreat will lead to something disastrous, even more making someone’s life end up miserable. We also learn that we need to put more attention to the people we love, especially when they’ve been through a tough time. Yep, I really like the moral lesson from this book and not only it taught many things to the readers, the story itself is very fun to read. It’s a good novel, indeed.

All in all, I like this novel a lot. More than I thought I would be. It is surprisingly had an interesting story. With many moral lessons put along in the story, Apa Pun Selain Hujan has given the readers many lessons to learn.

Therefore, I give Apa Pun Selain Hujan 4 out of 5 stars.

😘 Toodle-oo,

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