If I have to choose between the sea or the mountains, I will always choose the mountains. Truly. I love mountains very much because the scenery is exquisite. I am not saying the sea is not beautiful, it’s just I always prefer the mountains. It’s colder there and the ambience on the mountains can really calm my nerves. I love all the greens that the mountains provide. Even if the mountains are covered with snow, I will still prefer them instead of the sea. Because it’s not like I love green, it’s more because I love trees and mountains and cold weather. I truly love everything about the mountains, just like I like everything about the rain. There’s nothing about mountains that I don’t like. I even like it multi times better when there’s a waterfall! Waterfalls are amazing. I like it very much. No, scratch that, I love it! Truly. I am amazed how God has blessed us with these wonderful nature, with all those sceneries. They are all amazing.

I don’t really like the sea very much. However, I really like the beach. I like it a lot. Although it’s hot on the beach—I kind of hate hot weather because it makes me feel dizzy—I just love the beach, especially when I can play around when the waves are coming. It’s not as calming as the mountain but still, I really like the beach. I really miss Bali. It’s beautiful there. It is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia that you must see. No wonder why it is very popular. However, there are still many places in Indonesia that are beautiful as well, I wish they will become as popular as Bali.

Anyway, The reason why I don’t like the sea is because there is just something about the sea that scares me. I prefer skydiving rather than the usual diving in the sea. I mean, at least in the sky, I can see what’s underneath me. Whereas in the sea, I can’s see a thing. It’s too mysterious and scary. Not that I’ve tried skydiving but just imagining is enough to know. I know some sea are beautiful, like Raja Ampat in Papua which has so many beautiful coral reefs and all, but I just can’t help it to feel scared. I love swimming, though, just not in the sea. But I do like playing around on the beach with the waves coming towards me.

For those reasons, I decide to choose the mountains rather than the sea. But I still like the beach, just not the sea. Anyway, how about you? Which one do you love more? The sea or the mountains? Let me know! 😊

😘   Toodle-oo,