Do you find it easy to talk to strangers? | Journal Prompts

Do I find it easy to talk to strangers? The answer is no. I definitely do not find it easy to talk to strangers. In fact, I am too shy to even talk to strangers first except in a certain occasion. In this case, I am talking about face-to-face conversation, not through emails or any form of texts. I am a shy and awkward person, therefore, it’s hard for me to talk to strangers. On the other hand, when they did ask me or talk to me, I will try my best to answer them. Then again, I am not trying to be judgy here but sometimes I do try to dodge any conversation with any strangers because, with the increasing amount of crime these days, I think it’s a better choice to avoid talking to strangers. Sometimes the most unsuspicious person is actually the one who you’re supposed to be suspicious at.

I don’t mind talking to strangers but it’s hard for me to start a conversation with strangers. Ask questions is possible to do because I think it’s not that hard since I need to know some things, right? But to have a conversation with them, I don’t think so. Not just strangers, but to new people too. Perhaps it’s just because of my personality. According to my parents, since I was a baby, I was already a shy person. I used to be afraid of people and even cry when someone came near me. Perhaps that personality still lives in me. Well, not that I am still afraid to meet new people. But I am still very shy when I have to meet new people. I don’t know what to talk about or what conversation should I start. I am good when I talked to others via text, email, or anything within writings. But when I have to start talking face-to-face, I will definitely tight-lipped. I can’t chit chat like normal people do. I don’t even know why.

I even seldom start a conversation with the people that I’ve known already. Chit chat with them, with any topic came cross my mind. Unfortunately, I often find no topic that crossed my mind. It sucks, truly. It causes awkward silent moment between us. Therefore, you must know how hard it can be for me to start a conversation with strangers. I am not too shy with people that are close to me like my family and my best friends, but at others, I am quite shy and taciturn. Believe me, I am definitely not a taciturn, a shy perhaps, but definitely talkative. Once you’ve known me, I seem to can’t stop talking though I am pretty much taciturn with strangers or new people. All my very close friends that I am rather talkative. Nonetheless, to new people or strangers, I am a bit taciturn and shy. Perhaps, all I need is time. Because when I am comfortable enough, it’s not hard for me to talk anyway.

Speaking of talking, I know this is kind of stray from the questions but I think I should talk about it. I am very nervous when I have to do public speaking. Butterflies in my stomach, hands are shaking, I will have some sort of panic attack. Though everyone keeps saying my voice is very good for public speaking, since it’s loud and clear, I always find it hard to actually speak in front of a lot of people. However, I am not that nervous—perhaps a little bit—when I have to present my assignments in front of the class, in front of my friends and my teachers because I know whom I am facing. Unless I didn’t understand my assignments, I would be really nervous to speak in front of them. Actually, I used to be very nervous when I was still in junior high school or in high school, but in university, the amount of presenting your assignments increase by a large margin and that makes me getting used to it and not nervous anymore.

I think this concludes all. So to sum up my answer, I don’t think I find it easy to talk to strangers or even new people that I’ve just known. I definitely have a hard time when I have to speak to strangers, personal or worse in public speaking as well. How about you? Do you find it difficult to talk to strangers? Or do you find it easy? See you on my next posts!

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