Hunter x Hunter (2011-2014) | Anime Review

Title: Hunter x Hunter (ハンター×ハンタ or Hantā Hantā) (2011-2014)
Directed by: Kōjina Hiroshi
Written by: Maekawa Atsushi (anime), Kamishiro Tsutomu (anime), Togashi Yoshihiro (manga)
Music by: Hirano Yoshihisa
Country of Origin: Japan
Original Language(s): Japanese
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
No. of Episodes: 148 episodes


The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, who he was told was dead, is actually alive and a world-renowned Hunter, a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals. Despite being abandoned by his father, Gon departs upon a journey to follow in his footsteps, pass the rigorous Hunter Examination, and eventually find his father. Along the way, Gon meets various other Hunters and also encounters the paranormal.


I’ve known Hunter x Hunter since I was a little girl but I have never watched it before nor did I wanted to. Back in 2013, I went to Bandung for my internship with three friends, two of them are boys. Both of them watched the remake of Hunter x Hunter and sometimes I jumped in and watched. Still, I haven’t really got the interest of watching the anime. Later on, when my internship is over and I went back to Surabaya—I’m from Jakarta, by the way, I just went to study in a university in Surabaya—I began interested with this anime, especially during my free time in between my research for my thesis. Afterwards, Hunter x Hunter has become one of my favourite anime as well.

So, there are seven arcs stories in total in Hunter x Hunter. They are Hunter Exam arc, Zoldyck Family arc, Heavens Arena arc, Yorknew City arc, Greed Island arc, Chimera Ant arc, and 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. Out of all the arcs, my least favourite is Chimera Ant arc. Their enemies were too impossibly strong. Too strong that I think it’s so impossible to be real. I know anime characters weren’t supposed to be realistic, but still. Besides, Chimera Ant arc is very much boring, especially in the beginning. Many of the episodes began too slow, too much talking from the narrator. Basically, the narrator talked more about what happened, what will happen and so on, rather than showing the live action to the audiences. I really want to see the action more, not hearing some narrators talking about the story. That is why I don’t like Chimera Ant arc. After a few episodes, 20 perhaps or even 30—I don’t really remember—the actions began and made the story became more interesting than before. But still, I don’t really like it.

Hunter Exam, Heavens Arena, and Greed Island arcs are perhaps one of the best arcs. They pretty much have an interesting and exciting story and action. Especially in Greed Island arc, where you can watch interesting battles since it’s a virtual role-playing game, where the Hunters went inside the game and played to achieve the end game. I think the most fun and funniest story in this arc is when Gon and Killua learnt from Biscuit Krueger, a powerful hunter that looks like Gon’s and Killua’s age but actually is not. She’s way older than that. Her methods are not usual, but it is effective and many times invited you to laugh. The combination of three of them is perfect humour. Their expression can be so epic that you can’t resist not to laugh or smile. However, my favourite arc is perhaps the last arc, which is 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. The meeting of the 12 zodiacs—12 most powerful hunters—is indeed boring, but since in this arc we get to meet Killua’s sister, Alluka, I can’t deny that I like the arc, though not the overall story.

“When I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, wouldn’t I be betraying him?” Killua Zoldyck

Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck is the perfect combination of funny. When they are together, there are so many funny moments that can make you laugh. I certainly laugh a lot when I saw them together even from the beginning they met. Like really really laugh out loud. Both of them are only kids but they are very strong. In terms of strategy and power, Killua is stronger. However, Gon is better in concentration. I think Gon is destined to be stronger than Killua. But I like Killua more. I think Killua is funny and more fun and definitely cooler. He uses his mind and therefore more tactical. Whenever he played it calm, Killua looks really cool. I like it when he already puts his hands in his pockets. It makes him two times cooler. Despite looking innocent, Gon can also be smart and tactical in some ways. He also very calm when facing problems—except perhaps one occasion. I still think Killua is still better in many ways. Gon is just too kind and too idealistic. Not that it was a bad thing, but his idealistic would become his downfall eventually. Thankfully, Killua is a loyal and true friend of Gon. He did anything in his power to help his best friend. Their friendship is indeed a friendship goal. What I like about Gon, aside from being funny, is the fact that he never judges people despite their past or fault. He always very kind to people. That’s the one character that I like about him. When it comes to analysis and physical strength, Killua is indeed stronger. However, Gon has better concentration and recovery speed. They are indeed a perfect team.

The basic power in Hunter x Hunter involves Nen (念), the ability to control one’s own life energy or aura. There are four basic Nen techniques and six types of Nen users. I can’t describe it one by one because I, myself, still in the learning process. However, it is the core of this anime and it is pretty interesting. I like Killua’s power. His power involves lightning. He can produce lightning from his body and he can run faster at the speed of light with his lightning. Like seriously, Killua is very very cool and powerful. There are many times that others thought he’s so strong despite his young age. Gon is strong too, but Killua’s strategic thinking and the way he controls his power is better. Not to mention Killua changes his clothes several times throughout the anime, but Gon never changes his clothes. I don’t know if it’s because Killua comes from a rich assassin family or the author just wanted to make Killua looks cooler after all. In anime category, Killua is one of the most handsome guys I’ve ever seen. So yeah, I really really like Killua. I don’t care if he came from an assassin family because he looks handsome and cool anyway.

“Who wants to have their life planned out for them.” Killua Zoldyck

Aside from Killua, I also like Alluka. I think her power is the best of all hunters. She can grant anyone’s wishes as long as they completed her requests. What’s cooler is that Killua can always ask her anything without anything in return. I guess that’s the perk of being the best brother to Alluka. I like the relationship between the two of them. As the eldest daughter in the family, I always want a big brother. I think a big brother will always protect his younger sister and that is why I always want a brother, even though it’s impossible. I really like the way Killua treats Alluka, how they play, how they joke, how they talk, and even how Killua protects Alluka with all his might. Killua is indeed a role model for a brother, seriously. Both Killua and Alluka are really closed. You just can deny their affection. Everything about them is sweet.

There are a lot of moment in Hunter x Hunter that made me laugh out loud. Seriously, this anime is really really funny in so many stories. Mostly because of Gon and Killua, and their friends Leorio. Sometimes the villains, Hisoka, can be really funny as well. I also like Chairman Netero. He’s an old man but very very funny most of the times. It’s so entertaining. Although they are funny, I admire their power individually. And of course, of all the characters, I love Killua the best. He is indeed very very cool and handsome for an anime character.

I love Killua’s power of lightning, thunderbolt, and God speed. Somehow it looks better than Gon who only got strong power because of his enhancement aura type, whereas Killua is a transmutation aura type so he can change his aura into something else. To be exact, there are six types of aura and they are enhancers, transmuters, emitters, conjurers, manipulators, and specialists. Gon is an enhancer and Killua is a transmuter. I don’t the exact explanation but in short, enhancers can increase their power and transmuters can change their aura into something. I don’t know about the other types, though, so let’s leave it at that for now. Killua is a transmuter, so that’s why he can change his aura into lightning. It’s so cool. Many have said and admitted that Killua is very very talented and his talent is kind of scary and really really good. Although Gon has stronger power, Killua has prodigious and frightening talent, pretty much scary for a boy that young. So, yes, I think that’s why I like Killua. He is so cool!

All in all, I love Hunter x Hunter (2011), though I didn’t watch the 1999 anime version or read the manga, I really like this one. The drawings are definitely better than the previous one, even the manga. The story and the fightings of Hunter x Hunter are interesting, exciting, and thrilling. I really like it and enjoy it very much. There are some boring episodes, but most of them are excellent and fun and exciting to watch. It’s not all about fighting because sometimes, you can laugh out loud just seeing their ridiculous action. Unfortunately, the story is not yet finished. I heard the author is sick and can’t continue the series at the moment. To tell you the truth, I am pretty glad the anime stop right where they are. I can’t tell you why because it will spoil the whole story, but let me tell you that even though I am okay with any continuation adventure, I prefer the anime stopped in this ending. Of course, there are things that I’m still confused and wondering the reason and such but I think I still like this kind of ending.

Considering everything, I give Hunter x Hunter 9 out of 10 stars. Despite some boring arcs, I think overall, Hunter x Hunter is an excellent anime and definitely worth your time to watch it. It’s truly enjoyable.

😘   Toodle-oo,

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  1. What a great post and a comprehensive review. Loved reading it. Am currently watching a lot of Anime myself ( as you may have noticed on my blog lol). This series definitely sounds like a lot of fun 😀

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