09.03.2016 | My Story

I couldn’t even be more happier than today. In the middle of the night, I’ve got a surprise from my family. And then my best friends suddenly showed up and gave a surprise as well. An epic one, I must say. I am truly happy. Another year of my best birthday ever.

Speaking of my birthday, I have spent the last five years celebrating birthday far from my family and my best friends here, in my hometown. Due to university life, I have to go to another city and celebrating birthdays for the last five years without my beloved family. I am so happy that I am back now and can celebrate with my family. For my parents, thank you for raising me. I know it’s not easy, with me being so stubborn and all. But you love me anyway, with all my flaws, you both love me in every way that parents would love their daughter. I love you both. Even words can’t describe how much I love you both. For my little annoying sister, thank you for being born. If you’re not born, I won’t have a best friend and a sister like you. We may argue a lot even about silly little things and you can be so annoying. Seriously. But I love you and I would never ask for another sister. You are the first best friend that I have. I love my family and my best friends.

This year’s birthday is memorable because finally after five years celebrating birthdays without my family, I can finally celebrate my birthday with my family again. However, it’s not like the last five years are not memorable. I do recall three years ago, my university friends gave me a surprise in the middle of the night. Actually, it was 1 a.m. I was asleep when suddenly I received a call and told me to get out of the house because she and one of my friend were waiting outside. Without getting suspicious, I went out and they brought me somewhere with a blindfold. I did it willingly without knowing or suspicious that I was going to a trap. Suddenly–still with my eyes closed with the blindfold–my hands were tied on a tree and I couldn’t even move. By the time they opened the blindfold, other of my friends started to come and water me with some kind of a stinking liquid. Trust me, it really stinks! They actually mixed vinegar with sardines. Yucks! It still gives me a chill. However, it was one of my best birthdays. It was the first time I was being doused. My friends have been doused before, nearly all. And I helped them too. Yet I have never been until then. So it was kind of unforgettable. Two years ago, still with the same personnel, they came again on my birthday. This time in the middle of the day. No, they didn’t bring any weird stinking liquid anymore. However, they brought me balloons. I didn’t count how many but if I’m correct it’s the number of my age that time. I am so moved. They did ask me what I want and I did blurt out balloons because I kind of like balloons–the helium one. And they really went around to look those balloons for me. Thanks, guys! I am so happy. Yep, maybe I didn’t spend my birthdays with my family and my best friends in Jakarta, but I did have many good friends in university and they have made my birthdays meaningful.

This year, my family gave me a Parker pen with my name on it. Something I really want for quite some time. I am so happy. It’s not a Chanel bag or Louboutin heels, but I still like it. They have given me so much in my whole life, so they don’t have to give me something too extravagant. I like it simple and small things, yet very meaningful—and yes, a pen is very meaningful to me since I love stationery so much. Small family dinner to celebrate my birthday with my family is already enough. And with my friends gave me a super unique and epic birthday surprise, I am more than just happy. Thanks to my sister who was helping them with this epic surprise as well. I am truly blessed. I am a lucky, lucky girl to have a family and friends such as them. I love you all to the sun and back. Since it’s a solar eclipse today, I’ll use the term sun instead of the moon. 😂

So this morning, I’ve seen the rare total solar eclipse. It’s truly awesome that my country has been given a rare opportunity such as this. It’s truly amazing to witness something like total solar eclipse. It’s not a sight you can find every year, let alone every day. Though I can’t really see the total solar eclipse from my city, still, it’s a rare moment that you can even see even the half of it.

Another thing that I like about my birthday is I get an extra discount at one of my favourite bookstores. This is the one place on earth that we can call heaven.  I always buy a birthday gift for myself every year. I buy at least one book to celebrate myself. 😂  😂  😂

And also, Happy Seclusion Day to all people in Bali. Rahajeng Rahina Nyepi. That’s how they said it in Balinese. And of course Happy Seclusion Day to all people around the world who celebrate Nyepi. 🕯

😘   Toodle-oo,


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