Deadpool (2016) | Film Review

Title: Deadpool (2016)
Directed by: Tim Miller
Written by: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Based on: Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Stefan Kapicic, Brianna Hildebrand, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, and T. J. Miller
Music by: Tom Holkenborg
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 108 minutes
Language: English
MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity
Production Companies: TSG Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, Kinberg Genre, The Donners’ Company
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

synopsisWade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when evil scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humour. With help from mutant allies Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.


After the failure of Green Lantern (2011), Ryan Reynold is back and playing another superhero character. This time, it’s not DC Films but Marvel. After so many fans are not satisfied with how Wade Wilson—played by Ryan Reynolds too—in X-Men: Wolverine Origins (2009) ended up, 20th Century Fox finally made a film of how was Deadpool supposed to be. I never read Marvel comics, so I don’t actually know his fate or whatever it was. To tell you the truth, when I first saw the costume way back before this film was going to be released, I thought Deadpool is a villain with his weird costume and so. Well, he’s technically not a villain but he’s not a hero either. More like an antihero, I think. When my friends looked very enthusiastic about this film, I wonder what’s exciting about Deadpool? I didn’t even know his skill. I must say, the film is not disappointing but exciting? I don’t know. I don’t hate it but I don’t particularly love it. However, I can tell that this film is a success.

“From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time comes five-time Academy Award viewer, Ryan Reynolds in an eHarmony date with destiny. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… me! Deadpool.” Deadpool

I think Deadpool is the only X-Men film that doesn’t feature Wolverine in it. The story is funny even though it’s a bit sadistic, but Ryan Reynolds somehow managed to make Deadpool loveable. Some jokes are meant for Marvel lovers so perhaps if you are not a Marvel fan, you will find it hard to understand the jokes. But not all the jokes are just for Marvel fans so you don’t have to worry about that. I think in a matter of comedy this film is pretty good, but in a matter of the story, I don’t know, I kind of like it, however, it bores me sometimes. The story is too flat in my opinion. Like during the flashback of Wade Wilson’s life of how he became Deadpool, I think they made the story too slow in the beginning. It’s kind of boring in that part, too long and too slow. People wanted to see Wade Wilson as Deadpool, so seeing the flashback of his life with a pretty long duration is boring. While in the present time, the story is actually quite good. Not perfect, but still enjoyable. The action itself is not as many like other Marvel films but the director seemed to pull off some epic action in some parts. As for the comedy, well, it’s funny but not hilarious. If you’re not a Marvel, you may not notice the jokes. Fortunately, I understand most of the jokes so I think Deadpool is kind of funny. While my friend, who is not a Marvel fan, find the film pretty dull and not even funny. I guess they need to make simpler jokes that can be understood by all people, not just a Marvel fan. Even a Marvel fan can sometimes not understand the jokes because not all the jokes are about Marvel Universe.

So, all in all, Deadpool is a good film, not that great. Definitely, doesn’t exceed my expectations since I expect great things with all the hypes. However, Deadpool is still a good film and you can still enjoy watching it. It is somehow funny and you will definitely be amused by the slapstick—at least if you understand, if not, then I don’t think it’s that funny. Oh, and don’t leave your seat until the end of the credits. Because like the usual Marvel films, Deadpool will also give you an extra scene after the end of the credits. Don’t miss out!

I give Deadpool 7 out of 10 stars.

😘   Toodle-oo,


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