Circa by Sitta Karina | Book Review

Title: Circa
Author: Sitta Karina
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: July 2008
Edition Language: Indonesian
Pages: 216 pages
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Teenlit


Almashira Raiz datang seorang diri ke pabrik kosmetik Circa pertama kalinya dengan determinasi setinggi langit: suatu saat ia akan menjadi ahli dermatologi yang hebat; walau saat itu ia baru merampungkan deadline mading untuk minggu depan disambung dengan latihan rutin tenis.

Sore itu juga Genta Ramya Sasmitro tiba di tempat yang sama dengan gerasa-gerusu, bertekad dirinya akan lulus dari mata kuliah Riset Pemasaran biar nggak dicap bodoh melulu—terutama oleh si kutu buku menyebalkan bernama Aldebaran Raiz, kakak Alma.

Di Circa, Alma merajut cita-citanya sambil membayangkan suatu saat Sai, partner-in-crime di sekolah, akan berhenti memperlakukannya sebagai sahabat saja.

Di Circa, Genta mendadak tertarik dengan permainan baru yang seru, menantang, namun “berbahaya”: menjadi dekat dengan Alma. Padahal ia tahu hal itu berarti melanggar janji yang dulu pernah dibuatnya dengan Alde.

Di Circa, suatu babak baru persahabatan, permusuhan, dan percintaan dimulai….


Okay, I know this is an Indonesian novel, but I’m still going to review it in English. So please spear me.

First of all, I kind of like the overall idea of the story but some things are quite awkward to me. Alma is an intern in a cosmetics factory named Circa but somehow her role is bigger than an intern. I know if someone is smart and everything, they can have a bigger role in a company. However, believe me when I say it’s much bigger role than that. Alma’s role in the cosmetics factory is pretty massive beyond beliefs. The romance itself happened a little bit too quick, in my opinion. Although it’s not a bad thing because sometimes, something like that does happen in a novel.

I have to praise Sitta Karina about how she managed to bring some inspiring moral lesson in the book. She did mention about how people most of these days do and what we actually should do. She gave us examples of how we are supposed to do for our country, for others, for the environment. Cheers to that! I don’t know why but with the world gets more advanced every day, some good traditions are forgotten and what’s worse is the attitude of everybody—especially younger generations—is getting worse. I am not saying I am better but seeing younger generations nowadays, I feel better growing in my own time where social medias and technologies don’t play a bigger role in our parts.

“If a guy give you your favourite kind of make up without asking first, then you’ve succesfully found Mr. Right.” – Alma

Anyway, Sitta Karina gives all the readers many inspirations by giving many moral lessons in the book. I so agree with that part. What I don’t agree about the book, perhaps, the relationship between Alde and Genta. I understand why they hate each other, but I just don’t understand why they have to. I also don’t understand Alma’s relationships with her friends and enemies. Sometimes on, sometimes off for no particular reason—at least according to my understanding.

I really like Sitta Karina, I really do. I read all of her novels, after all. But I think Circa is my least favourite. It’s not a bad novel, but it’s not a great one either. It’s adequate. However, I like her writing style and how she describes things.

And finally, I decided to give Circa 2.5 out of 5 stars.

😘   Toodle-oo,


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